I was born in Amsterdam in 1993. At home I was always surrounded by the music of my sister and father. My wish and dream is to reach, touch and inspire the audience again and again with my music as often as possible.

At the age of five I started with violin lessons. I started my musical education in Holland and then continued in Germany. There I finished my Master of Music with Prof. Mark Gothoni at the University of Arts in Berlin.

I really enjoy being a soloist in front of an orchestra and played with orchestras such as Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest, Holland Symphonia, the Magdeburgische Philharmonie and Jenaer Philharmonie. I just as much enjoy playing in an ensemble. I enjoy playing chamber music and perform regularly with my family ensemble TRIO RUSANOVSKY

I am part of the TONALi-agency, where I involve the youth into classical music.

Outreach programs have brought me to the Trans-Siberian festival and the Molyvos International Music Festival.

On invitation of the Lincoln-Center-Stage-Performance I made a concert tour trough Europe and America.

I was succesful at music competitions such as the Princess Christina Competition, the TONALi Grand Prix Hamburg, the Menuhin Live Music Now E.v and the Eurovision Young Musician.

I play on a violin, made by E. Rocca in Genova. And with a bow, made by A. Lamy in Paris, kindly on loan from the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation.